Telephony Self Service

Telephony Self Service answering all your calls in two rings, reducing long waiting times and high abandonment rates -targeting to release 50% of your agent call answering resources.

Digital Transformation

Email handling suite reducing the need for agent assistance by over 60%, providing a comprehensive Q&A tool with integrated or standalone e-Forms and SMS provision.

Crisys Lone Worker Safety Monitoring

Are you responsible for the safety of your lone-workers? Crisys enables you to manage and protect your team members from just £2.45 per month.

Omni Channel Self Service

Channel shift and integration between Telephony, SMS and Digital in a single built versatile application.

Professional Services

Professional support for consultancy, surveys, proactive engagement tools and product evaluations and purchase.

Inform 360 SmartBots

Inform 360 “Smartbots” can make interaction and enquiry handling simple and easy to use and improve the customer experience.

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